About me

I'm Arun Isaac. I am currently doing my PhD in Computational Science in the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. I'm a free software evangelist, a lisp/scheme programmer and an environmentalist. I enjoy programming, hardware design (mostly electronics for now), and cycling. I take a reasonably active interest in the politics of the world, and feel that it is irresponsible to be completely apolitical and turn a blind eye towards the problems of the world.

I have been an environmentalist for almost all my life. I believe climate change is a major threat to the continued survival and well-being of our species, not to mention much of the natural beauty of our little planet. I try to live a green life, and contribute my two cents to averting the imminent crisis.

I have been using GNU/Linux and other free software since my undergraduate days (2009). Free software has greatly empowered me and shaped most of my adult life and perspective. I advocate the use of free software and contribute to its development by reporting bugs and sending patches when I can. I also occasionally volunteer with the Free Software Movement, Karnataka.

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